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joy: Affiliate Information
Affiliates for Joy and Vitality


Earn Money by Promoting this Website!

Telling others about the Joy and Vitality Member site is easy, and you can get paid for it. All you need is an affiliate link. Here's how to get it.

Steps to get your Affiliate Link:

1.  Go to your Amember membership page.  You may need to login if you are not already logged in.  If the page says "Please login" at the top, then login.  If it says "Your Membership Information" then you are already there! 

2.  On the "Your Membership Information" page look over on the right side and find the "Useful Links" heading.  The third link down will say "Advertise our website to your friends and earn money" if it is your first time logging in to the affiliates area.  Click on this link.

Note - from now on that same third link will say "Affiliates area" and it will give you several options.

3.  Your unique affiliate link should be clearly displayed on this page or click on banners and links.  Please save it somewhere so you have it handy.  Now click on the only link at the bottom that says "Back to Affiliates Area" and you can see some more helpful links about the affiliate program.

How Does My Affiliate Link Work?

Your affiliate link will look something like the one below:


except for the number at the end will contain your Unique Affiliate ID.  Make sure and use your link with your own code that you get from the affiliate area as described above. 

kid on computerThat's all there is to it!   Now whenever someone clicks on your link and goes to the Joy and Vitality site and purchases a membership, you get 50 percent commission.  Yes, you get that commission every month as long as that person stays a member. 

Please note that the commission may vary slightly because of price changes, specials, exchange rates, and because PayPal takes a small piece from each sale.  But I promise that you will get 50% of the profit after PayPal takes their small percentage.

How Do I Use My Affiliate Link?

The most common way to use your affiliate link is to put it on your website or blog.  You just type some words like "Get Your Joy and Vitality Membership Here" and then create a link using your affiliate link.

Another way of using the link is in an email.  Or you can set up the link to be a permanent "signature" in your email program.  But the best way is to use your website.

How Do I Get Paid?

paypalYou get paid through PayPal.  If you don't have a PayPal account, then take a few minutes and go open one!  Just go right here to PayPal.com or click on the PayPal image to the right and open your own account - it's really easy.

When you get your PayPal Account, then in the membership affiliate area, just click the last link titled "Update your commissions payout info". Choose "PayPal payment" on the drop down menu and then enter your PayPal email when that box appears.


You get 50 percent commission (monthly) from every person that purchases from your referral link.  This is tracked with something called "cookies" and I set the cookie life to 1000 days so even if someone purchases months later you still get the credit! 

You will receive an email notifying you of every purchase. 

That's all there is to it!

Last modified: Thursday, 31 March 2011, 04:48 PM