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joy: Read this First: Getting Started

Getting Started...

WelcomeApryl Jensen

I'd like to welcome you to Joy and Vitality, and thank you for becoming a member.

These courses are taught in an interactive learning environment. This means not only are there things to read, but there is also a great deal of interactive media--audios, videos, and presentations. You can access the "classroom" at any time via this URL:


Your Profile

The Joy and Vitality interactive learning environment is a private, secure space. You'll need the user name and password you were provided at sign up to gain access. You can access member and account information in the "Your Membership Area" block to the right of most screens.

Where to Begin

To get started with the training, click on Course One: Manifesting 101. Having an understanding of these basic concepts is extremely helpful as you study through the other courses as well.

New Content

New lessons are delivered each week across multiple course areas. So instead of teaching one course to completion before starting another one, we take an integrated approach that shows how these concepts overlap in numerous areas of one's life. You will be notified by email as new course material becomes available. Your learning is self-paced. Feel free to take as much time as you need before moving on to another area.

Content Formats

New content will be delivered in a variety of formats, each taking advantage of different media -- the media that best fits the material. It will be a mix of written content, audio, visuals, video, and interactive presentations, and guided audios and videos.

The program is intended to be an online, interactive classroom, and not a book. While initial assessments for this course show that members are more comfortable with text than many, a large segment of the population has a difficult time absorbing knowledge just from the written word.

Some learn best from hearing, other by seeing, and others by doing. The goal is to provide the basic concepts for each lesson that at least touches on each of those styles.

For example a person who learns best by hearing, may find an interactive diagram irrelevant. But to a visual and/or kinesthetic learner, it helps make key points stick.

Non-Linear Approach

This Joy and Vitality Interactive membership site follows a non-linear approach, which integrates, cross-references, and allows for exploration across all the courses.

This approach puts the learner in control of how they experience the material, and how often they want to return and revisit different topics.

For those used to a more linear approach, that can be done as well, simply by setting your own plan and mapping and tracking for your own purposes.

The Community of Learning

Finally, please make use of the discussion forums. One of the core principals of our approach is a "community of learning." Based on what's formally called Social Constructivism (or a social constructionist pedagogy), in essence it means that people actively construct new knowledge as they interact with their environment. Everything you read, see, hear, feel, and touch is compared with your current experience. You're not a computer just collecting information. When you interact with others, you deepen your own understanding of the material by helping others to understand it.

The forums are designed to simulate a classroom discussion about a topic. Each course has its own forum, for discussing the material covered.

That should do it for now... welcome again to Joy and Vitality!

Apryl Jensen

Last modified: Saturday, 5 April 2008, 06:47 PM